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The 1990:s
Tomas Wall leaves kindergarten and works his way through compulsory school. In 1999, he directs his first short, about a shootout in a mall. Policemen intervene.

Tobias Falk finishes his education as director of film/television and starts working as FAD and second unit director. In 1999, he directs his first feature film.

The 2000:s
Tomas Wall ​starts out in 2005 as a trainee at Forsberg & Co, works his way up to Lead VFX Artist. Having the ambition early on to conquer the world Tomas moves to London during autumn of 2009. Cinesite, one of the biggest VFX facilities in London, becomes Tomas’s next move where he works with 20th Century Fox, Disney and Pixar on the feature films “Marmaduke”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawntreader” and “John Carter”.

Tobias Falk directs a couple of award-winning television series and in 2006 makes a career change and starts working in computer games, for EA/DICE, as cinematic/narrative director for two games, Battlefield:Bad Company I and the BAFTA winning Battlefield:Bad Company II. Starts working as writer/director/concept developer at Starbreeze, working with companies such as Disney and Microsoft.



The 2010:s
In 2011 Tomas Wall​ jumps ship to join The Mill, the most award winning VFX Studio in the world. He divides his time between the two offices in London and New York but eventually ends up working full time in New York. A major milestone is the opening to lead a full VFX team for the super bowl commercial “Diet Mountain Dew” by Pepsi Co in 2014, followed by the official FIFA World Cup commercial in Brazil for Budweiser the same year. Other clients Tomas works directly with include Audi, BMW, Ford, Lexus, Renault, Burberry, Max Mara, Rolex, DHL, Guinness, Budlight, Coca-Cola, American Express and Red Cross.

When later moving back to Sweden, Stiller Studios becomes the obvious choice: Tomas joins as VFX Director and later also becomes Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility to attract new international business from all over the world.

Tobias Falk directs another feature film, “Agent Hamilton 2”, starring Mikael Persbrandt, and starts working as Creative Director at Mad Crew - a CG and VFX company - as well as working as writer and concept development consultant for film, television and games. Falk also coordinates and leads the Digital Media program at Stockholm University.

In 2016, Wall and Falk work together for the first time, in Stiller Studios, where they create a pilot for a series about Karl XII, using Unreal engine for real time renders of the environment.



The 2020:s
Tomas and Tobias officially starts working together as a creative team. They start a post-production boutique studio, Cinegrace, combining and supporting their creative work as directors, writers, and general promoters of audiovisual flow. Under this banner, they work with clients such as Amazon Prime, IKEA, Haagen-Daz, ICA, Toyota, Nestlé, Perrigo,  Telenor and Google.

Combining experience, knowledge and skill, as well as flair for invention and narrative, they oversee and handle any and all of a production, from ideation to to delivery.

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